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Rule #1: Don't Die

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The whole point of owning and riding a scooter is to enjoy life more. It's one of those rare gifts in life where anytime you go for a ride, it magically makes all your problems go away. This is why it's a good idea to take care of your scooter with regular maintenance (learn more here), but much more importantly, to take care of yourself!

Yes, the absolute most important #1 rule (even ahead of "Having Fun") is: Don't Die. 

That doesn't mean to live in fear. It just means to be more self-aware, and possibly even more importantly, be more aware of others. Scooters are small, so we have to be more careful and protect ourselves with the increasingly larger vehicles on the road.

Always keep your eyes moving and your mind clear. Use your riding time as an opportunity to clear your thoughts of any obligations, troubles, stresses, responsibilities, etc. Think of it as an opportunity to be completely in the present moment, with a zen-like state of awareness. We are meant to use our instincts. Tune into them and tune everything else out while you ride.

Some people meditate, some paint, some exercise, some read, some hunt to get into this clear mindset...we ride!

This shouldn't be a fearful thing, just remember...when you're on (your bike), be "ON". 

And remember this...

"The most common type of crash involving a car and a motorcycle is at an intersection when a motorist makes a left turn in front of a motorcycle. 

All too often motorists will turn left into the path of an oncoming motorcyclist either because the motorcyclist is hidden by roadway features or because the motorist just didn’t “see” the motorcycle. In fact, Fighter pilots are taught to continually keep their heads on a swivel and their eyes always moving. Because, if you fix your gaze on one object long enough while you yourself are in motion, your peripheral vision goes blind."

Read more here.

Once you are aware of this and made it a natural practice, remember the whole point of this all...to have fun :)

Ride-on Scooter Madness Family!