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Do I need a motorcycle license or a driver's license for a scooter?

Posted by Dimitri on

Simple question. Difficult answer.

All states have different laws so please check with your local DMV and/or any other applicable agency to verify that your vehicle is street legal in your area BEFORE buying or riding.

In general...
For 50cc scooters you need a driver's license, but not a motorcycle license.
For 150cc you need a driver and motorcycle license.

BUT...Keep in mind though that every state is different! 

For example, the majority of states require a motorcycle license for 150cc scooters (and above) since they exceed speeds of 50mph and can be operated on highways. Some states also require a motorcycle license even on 50cc vehicles. However, keep in mind that since all our 50cc scooters come titled as "49cc" scooters, those states might not require a motorcycle license for these engine sizes. Some states don't require a motorcycle license on any size scooter and some states don't even require a driver's license at all (especially when you're dealing with electric scooters which are a whole different story)! Then some states only allow certain engine size scooters (such as allowing 50cc but not 150cc). Some states consider 50cc scooters as bicycles and allow parking on sidewalks at bike racks...cool! 

Stop the scooter madness, can't we all just get along?!?

There's no simple answer, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Since we can't be on top of every state's ever-changing laws, please look into your own state laws before purchasing (we are not responsible or liable if your state does not allow you to register or drive your vehicle). 

And don't forget the most important law of them all...Have fun!!

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