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There are different kinds of electric scooters. The difference is mainly in the size, construction and intended purpose. Electric Scooters intended for longer travelling on the highway are bigger and more solidly built. They are made to be stable on the road and have large capacity batteries to enable them cover a longer distance before requiring to get charged. Long distance electric scooters can move at high speeds and so they are aerodynamically designed to reduce drag. Electric scooters for use within a building or estate are of simpler construction. They have a low platform on which the rider stands and two small wheels, one in front and one behind. The motor and battery are mounted under the platform towards the rear wheel and the handle bars are mounted high so that the driver can hold them while standing upright. An electric scooter holds many advantages over a conventional scooter.

An electric scooter produces no pollution. This is because; its operation does not involve the burning of any fossil fuel. It is also quiet during operation. Electric Scooters can be used in enclosed places without fear of carbon monoxide poisoning. They do not produce any fumes and this makes them environment friendly. Electric Scooters are cheap to operate since they do not require to be fueled. They can simply be plugged in and charged. They are also easier to maneuver in traffic and park because they are small in size.

The disadvantages of Electric Scooters include the fact that they often require regular charging and so are not suitable for long distance travel especially to places where there is no charging facility. Charging is also slow unlike fueling a scooter with an engine. Electric Scooters are slower than conventional ones so it takes longer for one to reach his destination.

This electric scooter from X-treme was designed to be an efficient and inexpensive model to help you get around the city. It suits to kids as well as adults. It doesn’t have the lines of the classical scooter you’re used to, but its features will convince you to buy it and we are happy to offer it to you in our shop, for sale at a great price!