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TaoTao Scooters

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  • TaoTao Thunder 50 Gas Street Legal Scooter
  • TaoTao POWERMAX-150 Gas Street Legal Scooter


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TaoTao scooters are some of the best quality, cheapest scooters on the market! They are very reliable, but in the rare event that something happens, they are also very easy to fix and parts are cheap to buy! As with all vehicles, a little regular care and maintenance goes a long way. If you take good care of your scooter, it will take good care of you. A TaoTao scooter is a convenient and efficient way to get to somewhere without having to use a car and also a fun way to travel around in style. Perhaps best of all, they come in a variety of styles to suit your needs, sizes to meet your speed requirement and bright and vibrant colors to fit your unique personality!

Scooters are very fast and, yet, consume very little fuel. Most of our TaoTao scooters get up to 100 miles per gallon! With that kind of great mpg, they’ll pay for themselves many times over in the long run. TaoTao scooters cost much less to purchase than most other scooters.  The sizes of the bodies vary, as well as the engines, which range from 50cc to 150cc. TaoTao 50cc scooters are usually smaller in size than the 150cc scooters and are perfect for those who want to cruise around town with top speeds of around 35 mph (depending on weight, weather, terrain, etc.). However, if you’re looking for something faster, our TaoTao 150cc scooters can reach top speeds of 50+mph.

In most states, 50cc mopeds don't need a motorcycle license. Since they’re small and easy to maneuver, parking is simple and some states even allow scooter parking on sidewalks. Some states require motorcycle licenses to operate 150cc scooters and some don’t. Please check with your local DMV and/or other governing agencies to verify your local laws and requirements before purchasing.

Scooter Madness’ 50cc scooters:

  • Our entry level scooter is the TaoTao ATM50-A1. It’s our best selling scooter, is super reliable, and at the incredibly low price of $655, it just can’t be beat!

  • The TaoTao CY50-A is the next step up and kicks it up a notch in the styling department. The letters VIP appear on the side, which gives you instant credibility as a “Very Important Person”!

  • The TaoTao Thunder 50 is one of our most popular 50cc scooters and with good reason. It’s a perfect combination of toughness, practicality and price.

  • If you like European style without the European price tag, then the TaoTao Vetas 50 is the scooter for you.

  • With the looks of a sport bike / crotch rocket and the practicality, safety and low price of a scooter, the TaoTao Racer 50 gives you the best of all worlds. It's so hot that it doesn't stay in stock very long!

  • Stand out while you ride low on the badass TaoTao Cruiser 50, another one-of-a-kind popular scooter.

  • The TaoTao Zummer 50 has a unique off-road look with more traditional styling.

  • The TaoTao EVO is one of our newest TaoTao scooters, with a smaller 50cc engine, but a larger body style.

  • The New Speed 50 comes in black but has interchangeable color body panels for whenever you change your mood.

TaoTao 150cc scooters are larger than 50cc scooters and have a bigger engine, allowing you to reach higher speeds of around 50+ mph. Even with bigger engines, you’ll still get around 80+ mpg with a TaoTao 150cc scooter! Many states require you to have a motorcycle license to drive a 150cc scooter, so please check your local state laws before buying. Please keep in mind that TaoTao 150cc scooters are NOT yet California CARB (California Air Resources Board) approved. Beware of other dealers who tell you that TaoTao 150cc scooters are CA legal! However, our 50cc TaoTao scooters are California CARB approved, and can be legally driven in the State of California! (Again, please verify this information with your local DMV and/or other governing agencies such as the CHP/CARB before purchasing)

Scooter Madness’ TAOTAO 150cc scooters:

  • The TaoTao Powermax 150 is our most popular 150cc scooter. The letters VIP appear on the side, which gives you instant credibility as a “Very Important Person”!

  • With its tough look and big engine, the TaoTao Lancer is a super popular go-to scooter.

  • TaoTao Quantum is a very popular scooter, with a powerful engine and even more powerful looks! It's so hot that it doesn't stay in stock very long!

  • If you love the classic, refined European look of the TaoTao Roman 150 with 2-tone color options, get it quick. Once it’s gone, it’s gone!

  • The TaoTao BWS 150 has a rugged, off-road look and fantastic power.

Scooter Madness’ TAOTAO electric scooter:

  • TaoTao also make an awesome electric scooter called the ATE-501. Rather than using gas, this electric scooter plugs into a charge, which plugs right into the wall! In many states, you don't even need to register them or have a driver's license (please check your local laws). Save money and save the planet!

In addition to its famous, cheap scooters, TaoTao also makes other off-road powersports vehicles, including 4-wheeled ATVs for kids and adults, go karts and 2-wheeled dirt bikes. Get yours today!

Want more information? Check out our informative FAQ page, or contact us!

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