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TaoTao ATVs

  • BoulderB1 TaoTao Kids 110CC Utility ATV
  • TForce TaoTao Adult 110CC Utility ATV
  • BULL150 TaoTao Adult 150CC Utility ATV
  • RHINO 250 TaoTao Adult 200CC Utility ATV
  • Freelander4x4 TaoTao Adult 276CC Utility ATV



Anyone looking for some fun and excitement should try the ATVs. These ATVs or all-terrain vehicles can also be called quads or four wheelers. All the fun of a motorcycle with more stability and a wider variety of terrain it can handle. TaoTao ATVs can go on all different terrains from mountains, sand dunes and mud holes. It is important to know that ATV care is important in the longevity and performance of the vehicle. Before and after rides fluid levels need to be checked and or topped off with 80W-90. The color of the oil is just as important as the level. Any color other than green or black means that the oil is contaminated and needs to be drained out. One of the great vehicles sold on TaoTao ATVs is the ATA-110B and it comes with great fuel capacity, top speed and an automatic transmission. It has an electric start with but excellent safety features. There is a remote control that can shut off the ATV and a speed limiter allowing the rider to safely travel only as fast as they are comfortable.

Another one of TaoTao ATVs are the ATA-125A and its gives a very sporty ride. It comes with a variety of safety options like nerf bars, engine kill switch and a remote engine switch. It has an air cooled engine with an electric start. The transmission is a chain drive, a max torque of 6.5N and a maximum speed of 40 mph. Something to remember about ATVs, are that after each turbulent ride over terrains, it is important to keep a check on the tires. Different terrains can cause the wheels to come across things that can but tiny holes or slices in the tires. Keeping an eye on this will prevent sidewall to rim pinches or blowouts. Learning to adjust the tire pressure equally will allow a better ride with more stability. Without The ATA-150B is a durable electric start TaoTao ATVs with automatic reverse and an air cooled engine. This ride is great for the rider who has the need for speed, because it has a max torque of 8.5N.

Adults can take part in TaoTao ATVs with the ATA-250D. It gives full control with a 4-stroke manual chain drive transmission. The engine gear has 4-3-2-1-N-R and a maximum torque of 8.5N. It has a maximum weight capacity of 364 pounds, engine kill switch and a remote control starter. Just like a car it is important to get the brakes checked occasionally. It is also very good to get a once over of all the mechanics in the ATV. The TaoTao ATVs give adults an even bigger toy to hit the dune with by offering the 300A1 ATV. It has a rack on the back to put backpacks and other accessories. It is definitely a great sports ride for the bigger adults with a maximum weight capacity of 400 pounds. ATVs are a great buy and provide endless fun on many different terrains.