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Scooter Frequently Asked Questions



Is a Scooter Madness Scooter or ATV Right For Me?
That depends! Do you like to have fun? Do you like to save money? Are you comfortable doing some minor assembly and basic routine maintenance (or getting someone to do it for you)? Then chances are, a scooter or ATV from Scooter Madness is right for you.

One of the ways Scooter Madness saves you money is by delivering your vehicle directly from the manufacturer warehouse to you. This also means minor assembly will be required. Scooters arrive about 90% assembled and we highly recommend getting them assembled by a certified mechanic (please see our assembly videos for more information). 

If you're the type of person who doesn't feel comfortable using a wrench on your scooter or ATV from time to time (or paying someone to do it), or you don't have a handy mechanic friend nearby, you may want to purchase a local dealer-prepped, pre-assembled scooter or ATV instead (and pay hundreds of dollars more).

Since our vehicles are not dealer-prepped, after assembly you will be required to do some preliminary checks and possible tweaks, as outlined in our Post Delivery Inspection Guide or Post Delivery Inspection Blog Post. If you need further help with any issues in the future, we also have many videos here in case you get stuck (read this question for more info). 

Our customers have told us that finishing the assembly and completing the Post Delivery Inspection Form as per our Post Delivery Inspection Guide have made them better scooter owners, as they're not intimidated by their scooter's mechanics and feel empowered to carry out general maintenance on their own. Ultimately, this saves them money as service expenses are kept minimal when basic maintenance is performed at home.

To read all the details of our Assembly and Maintenance policies, please click here.
To read all the details of our Terms and Conditions, please click here.

I Ordered My Scooter, Now What??
Now you pack up your dreams and aspirations and ride off into the sunset!

Well actually, before you do that...once we process your order, you will get a confirmation email from us with tracking number and other important information to prepare you for the new addition to your family. If you didn't receive our email, please check your spam/junk folder. Please keep this email in a safe place and refer back to it when you need a reminder of the best day of your life!

Then, depending on where you live, about a week later your new baby will arrive (though it might take up to 2 weeks). Once you are finished admiring and naming them, you will follow the instructions in your email and register them on our website. Then about 2-3 weeks later, if not sooner, you will receive their birth certificate in the mail (actually MCO), which you will then take to your local DMV to get titled (if you need to, please check with your local state laws).

Please read more about the registration process here.

Ok, now you can ride off into the sunset...


Does My Scooter Come with a Warranty?
Most vehicles include a FREE 6-month manufacturer's limited parts warranty with your purchase (please review your specific vehicle warranty information). The warranty covers engine and transmission components only. This warranty excludes body panels and any wear items such as tires, brake pads, bulbs, hoses, filters, chains, etc. The warranty will not cover any mechanical issues due to improper assembly or lack of proper maintenance and care. 

It is up to you or your mechanic to diagnose your issue and contact us with the exact part you need. If approved for the warranty claim, the manufacturer will cover the cost of the replacement part, but you are responsible for the shipping fees. If you need to file a warranty claim for your vehicle, simply contact us and we will arrange to get the new part shipped out as soon as possible (normally 2 weeks from time of request). 

The Warranty does not cover any labor, repair or towing costs, theft, fire damage or user error in the event of a crash. Feel free to read more here about what to do after your warranty period is over. Check out our Terms and Conditions (Product Warranty Policy) for more details.

Is Shipping Really Free?
Yes shipping is free on scootermadness.com...for the most part (depending which state). The following states will incur an additional $25 processing fee: Florida (FL), New York (NY), Massachusetts (MA), North Dakota (ND), South Dakota (SD), Montana (MT) Washington (WA) and Oregon (OR). Also we do not ship to the beautiful states of Hawaii or Alaska.

Also we do not ship to any country outside the United States. For security purposes, we can not accept payment from any credit card issued or any payment placed outside the United States.

How Long Does Shipping/Delivery Take?
It depends which state you live in and which manufacturer warehouse your vehicle ships out of (and how close you are to each other). It can take up to 1-2 weeks, though generally delivery takes about 1 week after your order is processed (many arrive sooner). Occasionally there are random variables which might delay shipping (such as holidays, weather, human errors, etc.), but then some orders have arrived in 2 days (which we can't guarantee)!

Where Do Your Scooters Ship From?
Depending on color and availability of your scooter choice, as well as your location, your vehicle will most likely be shipped from either Texas, Georgia, Indiana, or California, direct from the manufacturer's warehouse to your door.

How Long Does It Take For My Order to Get Processed?
We process orders right away. Usually within 1 business day.


Can I Ride My Scooter Right Away?
Yes and no. Technically you can ride it after you or a mechanic assembles it and do all the necessary checks and inspections, but legally you can not.

Some people choose to ride their vehicles on their land or in an area/neighborhood where they might not require registration, but in order to ride it legally on public roads, you might need to register it first at your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Read more about how to request your registration papers here and what to do with them here.

How Does Delivery and Inspection Work?
After ordering your scooter we will issue a tracking# with the freight company via email. If you do not receive tracking information within 3-5 business days, please contact us. The freight company will also call you to schedule a delivery time to make sure someone is home to receive, inspect, and sign off on it.

When the scooter arrives we urge you to thoroughly inspect it. Take a quick glance at the scooter and packaging to make sure there is no damage (scratches, cracks, etc). Even if there might be damage to the exterior packaging does not mean there will be damage to the vehicle. 

Please do NOT reject the shipment as you may be responsible for shipping fees. If you find any damage on the vehicle please have the driver note it on the delivery slip. Then please contact us directly to resolve the matter. We will either send replacement parts or in very extreme cases (with unrepairable damage) replace the item (with our approval). For more detailed instructions, please see our Terms and Conditions (Product Delivery and Inspection)

What is a Post Delivery Inspection (PDI)?
A post delivery inspection covers initial inspection, preparation, assembly and maintenance and is designed to inform and aid you in ensuring the maximum life (and enjoyment!) of your new vehicle. Proper PDI is very important and starts you off right in your ownership experience. For a more complete description, read all about it on our Post Delivery Inspection Guide, as well as on our blog here. Also, feel free to fill out and use our Post Delivery Inspection form.

How Do I Assemble and Start My Scooter?
We highly recommend having your scooter assembled by a certified and licensed mechanic. However, many people who have some mechanical experience and feel comfortable assembling and fixing things choose to do it themselves. All scooters we offer come with some assembly required and usually take around 60-90 minutes to complete. It's not a big deal. In general, assembly consists of attaching the front wheel (one bolt), front fender (4 screws), handlebars (one bolt installation), mirrors, trunk if included (4 bolts), connecting the battery, and possibly a kickstand or rear shocks (it varies slightly from vehicle to vehicle). Feel free to watch some of our assembly videos.

All materials needed to perform assembly are included with the scooters and ATVs, including basic hand tools and instructional video (which can also be found here). The manufacturer supplied video might not be specific to your vehicle, since all vehicles are generally very similar and share similar components.

The battery that arrives with your vehicle should already work, however if it doesn't (since batteries naturally drain when not being used), you might need to charge it for 4-6 hours with a trickle charger. You can purchase a trickle charger at any local automotive store or online for around $20 or else many local auto parts stores will also test and charge your battery for free. Since the factory battery is a starter battery, we highly recommend upgrading the battery and keeping the factory battery as a backup, you can find great deals online. We also highly recommend using a thread-locking agent (such as Loctite), since nuts/bolts/screws might loosen with vibration during movement. 

Next you will need to fill the gas tank with fuel. We highly recommend using high-grade octane no lower than 93. Since the scooters have not been started before, it might take a few tries of pressing the starter button before the fuel lines prime (make sure to hold in the brake). Once started, let the scooter idle for 15 mins and check for any issues while running. After the scooter is warmed up, do not go past half throttle for the first 15-20 miles. This will ensure the seals within the engine seat themselves correctly and provide a long engine life.

Keep in mind that the scooters are shipped directly from the factory and may require a once-over before starting. They are not guaranteed to run out of the box and may require a bit of tweaking/tuning to run correctly. Usually any issues (most likely caused by vibration and movement during shipping) are simple fixes...it's just a matter of finding out what the issue is first.

Please see our Post Delivery Inspection Guide for more detailed information.

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How Do I Get My Registration Documents?
We know you can't wait to ride off into the sunset, but read this first...

Paperwork is not sent with your vehicle for security purposes. Once you receive your scooter or ATV please go to our Registration Request page and fill out the form. This is the yellow button at the very top left of the website that says "Need Registration Paperwork? Click Here!" Please fill in all the required fields including your VIN# from your vehicle, in order to avoid fraud and ensure you have the correct vehicle. We cannot send registration documents until this form is submitted.

Once you submit your information and VIN# we send your registration paperwork to you in the mail (certified). This can take about 2-3 weeks from the time you submit your information, so please plan accordingly. We can not email or fax these documents, the original must be mailed to you.

What is the Title/MCO/MSO Registration Process?

Once you receive your vehicle, go on our website (here) and fill out your registration information, including the VIN# from your vehicle (as stated above). The VIN# is different on all vehicles but most likely on the frame where your legs go (watch this).

While we are waiting for you to do so, we are also waiting to receive the physical copy of the Manufacturer Certificate of Origin (MCO) from the manufacturer (which doesn't get sent to us until after your vehicle is shipped out). When we receive it from them, we fill it out with the info you provided (through our website). Once we have the necessary paperwork from both ends, we ship it out as soon as possible (usually within 1 business day).

Using snail mail always takes longer, especially when it is being sent from the manufacturer to us, and then to you.
In general, it can take about 2-3 weeks from the time you submit your information (depending on many variables such as holidays, weather, human errors, lost mail, missed deliveries, etc.).

If you would like to receive it sooner, we would be happy to expedite shipping for an additional fee of $10, though we cannot guarantee that it will arrive within your requested timeframe (since we still need to wait to get it from the manufacturer). 

Your MCO will most likely be sent by certified mail, which means that it should come with your regular mail and that someone will need to be there to accept and sign for it. If no one is home to receive it, a note will be left with instructions on where to pick it up or a phone number to call to setup another delivery.

Once you have your paperwork from us, you will take it to your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and register it if you need to and pay whichever additional fees your state requires (please check your local state laws). At that point, they will give you the title for your vehicle.

Then feel free to ride off into the sunset!

*DO NOT DRIVE THE VEHICLE BEFORE REGISTERING, as it may result in fines and/or get impounded...or worse!
Then no more riding or sunsets :(

Also please check to see if you need any of the paperwork notarized and let us know when you fill out your registration information.


What is an MCO or MSO?
"A Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MCO), also known as a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO), is a specified document certifying the country of origin of the merchandise required by certain foreign countries for tariff purposes, it sometimes requires the signature of the consulate of the country to which it is destined." (According to Wikipedia)

You will need this document in order to register your vehicle at your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in order to legally drive it (in most states). 

Many other companies charge up to $50 for this service, however this service is free of charge as a customer of Scooter Madness.

Do I Need to Have My Registration Papers (MCO/MSO) Notarized?

Almost all states do not, however a few states require your MCO/MSO or bill of sale to be notarized in order for your vehicle to be registered. Please contact and verify first with your local DMV and let us know if you would like us to do this. There is a notary fee of $20 (and please mention this when filling out your registration paperwork here). 

*Also keep in mind that sometimes the few states that require a notarized MCO/MSO or bill of sale might not require one if the vehicle was purchased online from another state, so make sure to mention that. You might have just saved 20 bucks...nice!

I Lost My Original MCO/MSO. How Do I Get a N
ew One?
We are only able to get a duplicate copy of a lost MCO/MSO for existing customers. Please contact us by filling out this form with all your information, including VIN# from your vehicle. There will be a $20 fee associated with duplicate copies and it may take about 2-3 weeks for delivery. Expedited shipping is available for an additional $10 (but we can't guarantee delivery dates).


Where Is My Scooter's VIN#?
The location of the VIN# is different for all scooters, but will most likely be found on a metal plate behind your feet (when sitting down) or toward the front of your feet (when sitting down). Watch this video here.

What Happens If I Have a Problem With My Scooter/ATV?
Though regular maintenance will help tremendously, let's face it, chances are at some point something is going to happen. Life is not perfect and neither are vehicles (or people!). It's not a big deal though because 9 out of 10 times there are simple solutions. It's just a matter of figuring out what it is first. You'll be very surprised how much you can learn and what problems you can solve by simply Googling it and/or watching videos on YouTube! We also have many more videos here which help a lot in case a mechanical issue arises. 

For example...have starting issues? Try these basic videos first. Then if that doesn't help, research a little further with these videos. Maybe it's the battery, spark plug, fuse or starter relay (not affiliated with these products).

There are also tons of great scooter forums out there with very helpful information (here is one general forum, and here and here are a couple for troubleshooting). We have no affiliation with any of these, but they are a good source for information and very knowledgeable, helpful scooter lovers.

Once you diagnose your issue and find the part you need to replace, if your vehicle is still under the manufacturer warranty period and is related to the engine or transmission (read more details here), contact us and they will cover the cost of the part (but not shipping). Please go to this website for official TaoTao parts and let us know which part you need. 

If it is not covered under warranty or your warranty period is over, go ahead and feel free to order from the site above or search online or on Amazon. The great thing about cheap scooters...cheap parts (and easy to fix)!

Please understand that we will attempt to help you in any way we can, but there is only so much we can do since we are limited to providing support over the phone, email and the internet (usually by recommending videos to watch). We also highly recommend taking your vehicle into a certified licensed mechanic (at your expense)...think of it as an investment with all that money you saved!

Where Can I Get Manuals For
My Vehicle?
Your vehicle should come with a manual. However, if you would like another, please contact us at support@scootermadness.com.

Please keep in mind that the manufacturer supplied manual or assembly video may not be specific to your vehicle. Since 50cc vehicles are all similar mechanically and 150cc vehicles are all similar mechanically, the manual and assembly video covers the basics and offers sufficient instructions to assemble your vehicle. If you do not feel comfortable assembling it, we highly recommend getting the vehicle assembled and serviced by a certified and licensed mechanic.

What Kind of Gas Does My Scooter Use?
Every scooter we offer will run on any octane fuel between 87-93, but we highly recommend you use 93. It will allow the engine to run more efficiently and acceleration will be smoother. Plus it will help maintain the overall quality of the engine in the long run. 

Do I Need to Upgrade the Battery?
Every scooter we keep in stock contains what is known as a "starter battery". These batteries are shipped in the scooters all the way from where they were assembled overseas. These batteries are not intended to be used as a reliable source for making sure your scooter starts for daily operation. We highly recommend taking the battery and heading to a local auto parts store or searching online and upgrading to a more dependable battery. Depending on the brand you can expect to pay $25-$70.

What Scooter Upgrades Should I Make?
Besides upgrading the battery as recommended above, you can also upgrade the spark plug with an NGK C7HSA/CR7HSA or CR7HIX Iridium (even better). Other common scooter upgrades are drive belt, fuel/vacuum hoses, CDI, ignition coil, air filter, fuel filter, starter relay/solenoid and carburetor.

These upgraded parts are relatively inexpensive if you search online in places such as eBay or Amazon. Please read reviews and do your own research for the specific parts that are best for your vehicle before purchasing. Also, please change and upgrade the oil as soon as possible on a new scooter (and regularly afterward) and read more below.


What Oil Do I Use with My Scooter?
  (Engine and Gear Oil)
**Note: For the break-in period (0-300 km or about 200 miles), we recommend that you DO NOT use synthetic motor oil.

Standard 10W-30 oil helps during the break-in period. After the initial break-in, synthetics are fine to use. The oil you use can vary based on a number of factors, such as climate, riding style, habits, and terrain. Research your area and pick the best oil for your location and conditions. 

Ideally, after the break-in period, it is best to run 10W-30 motorcycle oil (though regular 10W-30 or 10W-40 oil also works). The type of brand doesn't really matter, just make sure to use a quality one. We highly recommend changing the motor oil in your scooter within the first 20 miles followed by every 1000 miles. This will ensure your scooter's engine will run for a very long time and not give you any issues. A well maintained engine is a long-lasting engine. 

For gear oil, we recommend changing it right away and then again every 3500 miles, using 80W-90 gear oil, but you may also use 75W-90 (GL-3 or GL-5).

Just like a car, performing regular maintenance greatly reduces any potential issues in the future. 
Please read our Official Post Delivery Inspection Guide (PDI) and our Post Delivery Inspection Blog Post for more information.

How Do I Lock My Scooter?
Keeping your scooter secure is one of the highest priorities of owning one. Each of our scooters feature a lockable steering column deterring thieves. We highly recommend if you intend to leave your scooter for a long period of time that you lock the steering column and also use a heavy duty lock to chain the scooter to a solid point. Alternatively you can run the lock through the wheel making it inoperable, but anchoring it to a solid point will be more secure.

Do I Need a Motorcycle License For a Scooter?
Simple question. Difficult answer.

All states have different laws so please check with your local DMV and/or any other applicable agency to verify that your vehicle is street legal in your area BEFORE buying or driving

In general...
For 50cc scooters you need a driver's license, but not a motorcycle license.
For 150cc you need a driver and motorcycle license. 

BUT...Keep in mind though that every state is different!

For example, the majority of states require a motorcycle license for 150cc scooters (and above) since they exceed speeds of 50mph and can be operated on highways. Some states also require a motorcycle license even on 50cc vehicles. However, keep in mind that since all our 50cc scooters come titled as "49cc" scooters, those states might not require a motorcycle license for these engine sizes. Some states don't require a motorcycle license on any size scooter and some states don't even require a driver's license at all (especially when you're dealing with electric scooters which are a whole different story)! Then some states only allow certain engine size scooters (such as allowing 50cc but not 150cc). Some states consider 50cc scooters as bicycles and allow parking on sidewalks at bike racks...cool!

Stop the scooter madness, can't we all just get along?!?

There's no simple answer, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Since we can't be on top of every state's ever-changing laws, please look into your own state laws before purchasing (we are not responsible or liable if your state does not allow you to register or drive your vehicle). 

And don't forget the most important law of them all...Have fun!!