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  • Black
  • TaoTao Thunder 50 Gas Street Legal Scooter
  • TaoTao POWERMAX-150 Gas Street Legal Scooter
  • IceBear Maddog PMZ50-19 50cc Gas Street Legal Scooter
  • IceBear PST50-19N 50cc Trike Gas Street Legal Scooter
  • IceBear MINI CRUZZER (PST50-9) 50cc Trike Gas Street Legal Scooter



So you’re thinking about buying a scooter? You’ve come to the right place! Here at Scooter Madness, we know and love our scooters and are here to help you however we can.

Why pay hundreds of dollars more at a dealership near you, when you could pay a fraction of the price by buying the exact same scooter online? Finding an inexpensive scooter online is easy. A simple search will reveal several sources of cheap scooters. Finding an honest, reputable dealer who cares about their customers is the hard part, but look no further. That’s where we come in! At Scooter Madness, we offer good quality products at the lowest prices, and pride ourselves in offering the best customer service and always being available to help our customers. With us, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting before you purchase, so there are never any surprises.

Here are some reasons why a Scooter Madness scooter might be right for you:

  • Do you like to have fun? Scooters are a blast to ride! There’s a unique joy that comes from cruising down a city street on a small scooter feeling the wind in your hair and the sun on your skin. Ask any scooter enthusiast and they’ll tell you how liberating they are. Check out how people feel about their scooters and Scooter Madness here.
  • Do you like to save money? First off, we've got the cheapest scooters online! Second, you’re going to save money at the pump! With the steady rise in gas prices over the last 15 years, scooters have become increasingly popular with their hard-to-beat up to 100+ miles per gallon! With that kind of great mpg, our scooters pay for themselves many times over in the long run.
  • Scooters are inexpensive to operate and maintain, and in the rare event that something needs replacing, scooter parts are cheap and easy to come by, and easy to replace. Also, insuring a scooter costs practically nothing. Many of our customers have told us they pay under $50 per year.
  • Are you a do-it-yourself kind of person? One of the ways Scooter Madness saves you hundreds of dollars is by delivering your vehicle to you directly from the manufacturer’s warehouse. Since our scooters come about 90% assembled, you’ll have to do minor assembly. Of course, we always recommend getting scooters assembled and inspected by a certified mechanic (please see our assembly videos for more information), but that’s up to you. Our customers have told us that finishing the assembly and completing the Post Delivery Inspection Form as per our Post Delivery Inspection Guide have made them better scooter owners, as they're not intimidated by their scooter's mechanics, and they feel empowered to carry out general maintenance on their own. Ultimately, this saves them money as service expenses are kept minimal when basic maintenance is performed at home.
  • Our scooters are simple to work and easy to ride. They’re all fully automatic, so no shifting is required. Simply fire her up and go. Also, many of our scooters have ample under-seat storage and most come with locking trunks, so there’s never concern about where to store your helmet or how you’ll get that 6-pack home from the grocery store!
  • Parking a scooter is usually very easy as many states allow 50cc scooters to be parked on sidewalks (check your local laws to verify). Even if your state doesn’t allow that, or if you decide to get a 150cc scooter, they can easily be maneuvered into small parking spaces, which is a huge bonus if you live in a city.
  • How much speed do you need? Scooter Madness scooters come in a variety of styles to suit your unique personality and two different sizes to meet your speed requirements. Our scooters’ engines range from 50cc to 150cc. Scooter Madness’ 50cc scooters are usually smaller in size than the 150cc scooters and are perfect for those who want to cruise around town with top speeds of around 35 mph (depending on weight, weather, terrain, etc.). However, if you’re looking for something faster, our TaoTao 150cc scooters can reach speeds of 50+mph. That’s highway-fast!
  • Do you have a motorcycle license? If you’re considering a 150cc engine, you may need to get a motorcycle endorsement on your driver’s license. This usually entails you going to the DMV and taking a test, or taking a DMV-approved motorcycle safety course. Whether or not you want or need a motorcycle license, it’s always a great idea to take the course. However, if you’re getting a 50cc scooter, most states don’t require you to have a motorcycle license, you’ll only need a regular driver’s license. We also carry electric scooters, and many states don’t even require you to have a regular driver’s license to drive an electric-scooter (check with your local DMV and any other applicable governing agency to verify your local laws before purchasing).

Have any more questions? Check out our awesome FAQ page. And when you’re ready to buy, we’ll be here waiting for you...