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We are the #1 source for all your scooter needs. We only offer select brands that have been proven to be the most reliable, durable and all around affordable. We offer free tech support on any purchase and even include the registration paperwork at no charge! Most other companies charge an extra $50 just for the registration documents. We are a small company and the benefit of that is being able to offer you low prices and great service. Have a question? Simply send us an email by going to the contact page.

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The most beneficial reason to purchase a scooter is the miles per gallon and simplicity. Most of our 50cc scooters average over 90 miles per gallon! The purchase price will pay for itself within just a few months of owning the scooter. Scooters are also easily parked just about anywhere and every one of our scooters offer a locking steering column for added security.