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Pit Bikes are a great way to get started in the world of offroad fun. Each pit bike we offer is of the highest quality that is built to withstand all kinds of abuse. Pit bikes offer easy maintenance such as changing the oil, working on the engine, etc. You will also find a wide variety of aftermarket parts to make your pit bike even better! Need help choosing which model is right for you? Simply head on over to our contact page and we will normally respond same day. We are a small company based in the United States and customer satisfaction is our top priority.

Pit bikes have been so named because they are designed specially to be ridden the pit—the staging region—of a motocross race. They have been in use for some time but have gained in popularity since about 2000. The size and style of pit bikes is quite varied—the Japanese have made minicycles for children that can be upgraded as the riders grow older, though at a great financial cost. Off-road pit bikes are made as well as street retros, motocross and dual purpose. The examples of each type described in this article will be of those sold by Pitster Pro, a company that sells quality pit bikes as well as accessories for them.

A pit bike has a lower center of gravity than other kinds of racing motorcycles, so that it is much easier to control. The wheels are also smaller and making turns is a breeze. These characteristics make pit bikes popular for a more “junior” type of racing, as will be discussed later in this article.

Pit bikes may be meant specifically for the pit areas of motocross races, but in many places they are themselves used for racing. Such events are especially popular in southern California and among young people. Pit bike racing is similar to motocross racing, but as such bikes are lighter and easier to maneuver than those used for standard motocross events, it is less intimidating—hence its appeal to the younger segment of the population.

The Pit Bike Racing Association has been formed to bring together those who enjoy the sport and to spread its popularity around the world. People can join the organization for free in order to keep themselves up to date on racing events in their local area and learn more about the sport, which is one of the most rapidly-growing genres of bike racing in the modern world. Numerous events are held by the PBRA every year--currently, some of the upcoming races include the Virginia Cross Country series, which takes place in various locations throughout the state. Just recently, too, the PBRA has begun to offer two new classes in pit bike riding. There are four featured tracks, three in Texas and one in Missouri.

Thanks in large part to the efforts of the PBRA, the sport of pit bike racing has begun to spread to other countries. Events are held, for instance, in Johannesburg, and a video of such an occasion may be viewed on YouTube. Indoor pit bike racing is also gaining in popularity: Breezewood Proving Grounds maintains an indoor arena with a dirt-covered floor for the purpose.