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Scooter Madness Reviews

We love and appreciate our Scooter Madness Family and your Scooter Madness Reviews!
The kind words and feedback that you give us inspires us to do more and be better.
Thank you so much for all the love throughout the years and we look forward to providing
many more good times and happy memories.  
- Scooter Madness


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Scooter Madness Reviews

I want to thank you for being an excellent online Company to do business with. I could not ask for a better buying experience. Your Erin in Customer Care is a real asset and does what it takes to keep Customers' happy. From ordering to shipping to delivery and then sending the necessary registration paperwork. Everything went as promised and I was kept informed via phone and email of each phase of the process as it happened. After unpacking and performing a thorough PDI per the instructions on your website the scooter started right up and runs very well...and fast for a 50.Thank You,Dennis S

"Y'all are the best company I have EVER dealt with." - Kayla A.

"Scooter Madness Rulez!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - Daniel T.

"LEGITIMATE ! Scooter Madness is AWESOME ! Ordered my Scooter on a Thursday arrived in South Florida that Tuesday! Took 45 minutes to assemble and cranked right up. Registered for title that Tuesday, recieving title today. Less than 2 weeks! Dimitri helped with my online purchase. He was curtious, knowledgeable, and retund my calls. You want a worry free legitimate scooter co. SCOOTER MADNESS #1 !" - Rick J.

"Amazing service!!! Super helpful and very responsive to questions! Couldn't be happier with Scooter Madness. I got a brand new scooter for the less then the price i would have paid for a "refurbished" one at the scooter store in my area. 10 out of 10 easy!" - Jacob P.

"I just wanted you to know, that dealing with you and your company has been TOP NOTCH !!!!!!!!!!!!
I will highly recommend you to anybody I know that needs a scooter." - Chris C.

"I would advise everyone to order from Scooter Madness." - George H.

"Awesome company to deal with great customer service fast shipping A+ in my book." - David H.

"Have been very satisfied with the entire process of purchasing with ScooterMadness. Keep up the good work." - David S.

"Thanks for the quick responses and willing to help, pleasure doing business with scooter madness and I would refer scooter madness to anyone looking for a scooter" - Michael C.

"Awesome. These guys took care of me right away! Couldn't be more Happy with customer support, quickness of shipping and the product and price." - Andy L.

"You can't beat a "ScooterMadness" Christmas. THANK YOU!" - Lynn M. 

"Quick no hassle purchase and delivery. Scooter arrived in a sturdy crate without even a scratch. Easy to assemble. Started up and runs better than expected. Very pleased with the scooter and the transaction. Great price!!" - Jerry G.

"I have only put on 10 miles, but everything -- price, no taxes, free shipping -- has been great!! I highly recommend Scooter Madness; the new way to retail." - Jim M.

"Happily Satisfied customer. I bought the TaoTao Quantum 150 scooter from Scooter Madness about a month ago. Everything scooter madness promised came true, quick shipping, paper work delivered on time, and a very nice bike!" - Mike V. 

"Will Be Buying From Scooter Madness In The Future For Sure. My experience with scooter madness was awesome. I bought 3 of the Tao Tao ATM 50s they where all delivered to my door in 4 days and customer care/support was great always answered the phone and emails if not they where always quick to call back. Don't get me wrong I seen some reviews online and was nervous but they treat you better then the local dealer shop if you need a part they will get it for you ASAP. Thanks again scooter madness can't wait to do business with you in the future." - Dan L. 

"I have one of these I've ridden for a year....I weigh 310 pounds and I'm 6'2"! This thing has carried my big a$$ back and forth to work almost EVERY day since I bought it!
I've changed the oil every 800 kilometers because it's easy and cheap to do so. The guy who sold me mine must have done a good job prepping it because I've only tightened two loose nuts in a year of riding...
Also replaced headlight bulb for less than 5 dollars....
I bought this because of parking issues at work honestly.....I'm a travel nurse and the hospital I was working at wanted us to park miles from the hospital and ride a bus to and from the hospital every day. This was adding over an hour of unpaid work to my 12 hour days.....
I noticed some scooters parked right by the front door!!!
The sign said 150cc or less....
I make 40$ an hour....work 3 days a week...
This saves me 1.5 hours every day I work...so 720$ per month I consider this to be saving me! So in the year I've owned it ..... minus upkeep...and original cost....it's SAVED me over 7 grand easy....I Love my little Chinese friend!" - Bill Y.

"Great scooter and buying experience. This was my first time buying a scooter online. I was a little skeptic at first, but after doing some research on different companies, decided to buy from Scooter Madness. I am VERY glad that I did. The customer service was readily available when I had questions and I received my scooter in 8 days. I was given great instructions on what to do when receiving the scooter and was happy to find that the scooter came in EXCELLENT condition. Assembly was pretty easy after watching the videos provided by Scooter Madness and I am already riding. I just applied for paperwork today and just got a notification saying it shipped already! Couldn't ask for more!" - Jake D.

"I purchased this moped for my cousin. I can't really review the moped itself, since I have not seen it or driven it, but my cousin loves it. He told me that it was easy to assemble, and he loves the way that it rides. 
The service was terrific. The scooter came in 2 days, and the paperwork came shortly after that. It was great working with Sam. He answered all was questions, and my cousins questions in a professional courteous manner. I would recommend this business and this scooter to anyone. Thank you." - Ann L.

"I have to hand it to scootermadness.com. I buy a lot of items online, and was very weary about a lot of the scooter websites and the bad things i've heard. Scootermadness.com called me the day after i put my order in, gave me some options on colors, and sent tracking info immediately. The freight company was on time, etc. When it got delivered, one of the lights was broken due to shipping, but Scootermadness.com (with one quick call) send me an email to fill out and the light is already on it's way from Tao Tao. The Customer Service has really been great and the price was ridiculous compared to other non-reputable sites. Highly recommend going through them for peace of mind, knowing that it's not some scam website." - Emad Z. 


Customer Service

"I am so excited about these scooters, they are awesome and most of all the people at Scooter madness are even more awesome. I have never worked with a company that was as helpful as these people. You guy are great never lose that customer service. I have also recommend you to 3 other people." - Richard M.

"I must compliment you on your excellent customer service right from the minute I placed my order. Kind, prompt and very informational. I will be highly recommending you to others." - Harmony B.

"Just wanted to say dealing with scooter madness so far has been amazing. Ur cust service is excellent and I am already looking forward to dealing with S.M. in the future." - Jim R.

"I appreciate you answering the phone and talking to me. It really reflects on the type of company you are. Thanks once again for taking the time to talk to me Dimitri. I appreciate your assistance and professionalism. Thank you." - Ian S.

"Thank you all so much, I know it's tough to please every customer but I'm very grateful that you all are able to help me out. You guys have aided me through a couple of problems that I've had during the ordering process and it really says a lot about how quality your customer service is." - Alec E.

"Thank you your customer service has been top notch I would recommend anybody to buy one of your products!" - Drew C

"Thank you for your amazing customer service and products." - Olivier L.

"Thank you so much. You have been a gem to work with." - Tim K.

"Thank you for being a great costumer service rep and we look forward to doing more business in the future" - Brian M.

"I appreciate your help and sweet deal! I may purchase another for my wife.  If I do I will definitely give you a call. Thank you again." - Ed M.

"We were very happy with the service and think the customer service has been awesome." - Edward W.

"Great company! Had to delay shipment due to a family emergency and Dimitri was more than accommodating and kind. He also helped me figure out how to start it!" - Leonard B.

"Highly recommend scooter madness. Top notch customer service and great product!!!! Great communication." - Robert J.

"Thank you for the fast service and outstanding customer service." - Erin G.

"My experience has been good from the get-go. Nice customer service and the bike came with no problems at all." - Joseph J.

"Fast shipping, great customer service. I received my scooter in one week! Although scooter had a headlight problem, Scooter Madness sent me a replacement part without any problems. Sweet!" - Gregory W.

"Great scooter, great price, great customer service. Thank you to Dimitri and everyone at Scooter Madness! The customer support is awesome and accurate. Was having a minor common problem, I called...moments later sent an email with a video link that shows me how to solve the problem. That's what I'm talking about! WOOOOOOOOOOOT!" - Joseph T.

Scooters and Other Vehicles

"Thanks for the info and the recent purchase I made. Great price and fast service to my location. My local shop wanted $1100.00 for the EXACT same model." - Steve B. (bought a TaoTao CY50-A for $710)

"I just received my brand new Taotao 150 Roman and I absolutely love it!" - Olivier L.


"If what you need is a cheap and fun vehicle, this is a good choice." - Leandro R.

"I adore my scooter. I'd never ridden one before and they are so easy to learn. I purchased mine on friday and by the next wed is shipped. I had it assembled by a local mechanic and by monday i was riding. I raved about how much i love it my coworker bought a scooter the next week." - Savannah M.

"I've put 2000 miles on that bitch love it." (in 1.5 months!!) - Bobby B.

"Mine has been running great for over a year and it is my primary transportation. Only thing I've had to do was oil change and change spark plug." - Charity M.

"My daughter purchased one of these scooters for transportation at college. She loves it - freedom in the form of a scooter." - Steve P.

"I love the TaoTao and have referred a couple of people to y'all as well!" - Stanton P.

"Love it" - NyJir W.

"Running like a champ!!!!" - Ernie L.

"My family is impressed with the two scooters and will more than likely order a third." - Sean B.

"With the help of Dmitri and Scooter Madness, I was able to provide my kids with a TaoTao TForce ATV and DB14 Pit Bike for Christmas. Scooter Madness had the best price and availability. Both the ATV and Pit Bike are working great." - Daniel B.

"I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and now I know I made the right choice in buying it." - Kirk C.

"Awesome. This is such a cool scooter! Runs well and it’s really classy!" - Ronald R.

"I really wanted a scooter that has a special design and I’m glad with this one. I not only like the design, but I like how it runs. It’s exactly what I needed!" - Dolores H.

"This is a really good scooter and I was also pleased with the service." - Gina G.

"My parents bought me this scooter in pink for when i went to college. its so cool lol." - Doris D.

"When we bought the two scooters we were wondering how we would like the product because of the price. Well to our surprise the are great, we love them they are a great size, great color, they run super good and they are a lot of fun. We also got them fast and in very very good condition. Easy to put together and just a overall great product." - Richard M.

Scooter Quality

"It's more than I even expected. Still in the break in period but all is solid and perfect. This scooter is well built and has serious power. From what I've noticed so far there are a few designs I question but this is worth every penny. This is my second TaoTao and my first one lasted me 3 years, 22,000km, 5 days a week and never had to touch the engine for repair so I'm hoping this one treats me the same." - Judah E.

"Engines are incredibly well built. I got 15,000 miles out of it. When I sold it, it still ran like it was brand new. Got 100 miles to a full tank of gas." - Michael M.

"Great scooter. I was surprised at how fast it is for a moped" - Mark S.

"Awesome. This scooter has a very comfortable ride, worth every penny." - David W.

"When I ordered this scooter, my expectations were set high. And my expectations were met. Going 43MPH and speeding through my community had me by surprise. I highly recommend this scooter to anyone." - Brenda B.

"Not only does it look good, but it runs smoothly as well. Good product, good transmission!" - Anthony L.

"Recommend it. So far so good. I’m quite pleased with this purchase as I was looking for something to take me on dirt roads and such places when going out with my friends in the weekends. Good for the city too." - Eva M.

"Happy with the way it runs on all kinds of terrain. Good tires and features!" - Dills D.

"No problems. This scooter is easy to put together and it does tend to go a little slower at first, but once it breaks in, you’ll pick up speed in no time!" - Romero R.

"This scooter is faster and more powerful than you might think – it allows 40mph and it goes up some steep hills. Nice!" - John D.

"I wasn’t sure whether to buy a scooter for my daughter or not, thinking about safety issues, but in the end I did and am quite pleased with the decision to get this one. It’s a nice model for girls and it runs well. No problems so far." - Christopher R.

"Good-looking scooter and is pretty comfy." - Lisa K.

"Recommend it. This bike is really impressive! It’s powerful and gives you a nice feeling of comfort and safety. Had no problems with it so far." - Johnson J.

"Comfortable and powerful. I really like this scooter, it has a lot of room for your feet and it being automatic is definitely a plus for me. I really recommend it!" - Leonard W.

"I am so pleased with this scooter, as it is fully automatic and I don’t have any problems maneuvering it! It runs like a dream!" - Steven B.

"I wanted something small and compact to get around the city and this scooter seems to have been a good choice. And if you think it’s slow-going, you’ll be surprised by how fast you’ll be cruising in your scooter!" - Mike M.

"I never had a scooter before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but this one runs smoothly and I haven’t had any problems. Thanks for good product!" - Annie R.

"Have had for a while and I ended up consuming 90 miles per gallon in normal city driving conditions." - Linda D.

"Good choice. I bought this scooter for my daughter to get around the city easier and she’s very pleased with it. It comfortable and user friendly, runs good." - Martin L.

"I really wanted to get a scooter, but a more powerful one and this is it! Also happy with the space I have for depositing my stuff. I sometimes use to get to work as well, so it’s very convenient." - Teresa E.

"The scooter is great. I havent been able to get it over 29-30mph (i'm about 185 pounds) but a few mods (which are SUPER cheap for this) will get me where i need to be. It looks awesome, although i replaced a couple nuts and the fluids with quality products that i trust. It took a little while to get it started, as the fuel was being stubborn, but after a couple hours and constant effort, we got it going. Good gas is important, pref 91 or above, it's so cheap to fill up, just get the good stuff. The suspension is good, build quality is great for the price." - Emad Z.

"Awesome scooter! I would definitely recommend this scooter to anyone out there that likes the styling of the Yamaha Zuma and the Honda Ruckus. You get the same kind of style with the BWS-150 without having to pay $2500 for it. This scooter has a lot of get up and go and is exactly what I was looking for. It moves great with me on it, and I'm a big dude @ 250lbs! The GY6 150cc Honda clone engine has tons of potential and there are endless performance parts/modifications available for it. Scooter Madness has awesome customer support too, every question I had was answered immediately. Helpful troubleshooting emails with video links were sent out instantly after each support phone conversation. Read the literature that Scooter Madness sends out to you after your purchase! I had to change the plug out immediately per the suggestion of Tao Tao the scooter manufacturer. While I was at it I changed the coil and installed a CDI performance ignition. In my opinion well worth the $20 or less on scambay and will make your BWS-150 run like a champ. Only common motorcycle assembly problem I had was air in the front brake line but after a fluid change and bleeding I can stop on a dime now. 5 stars for the BWS-150! Way better than the 49cc I use to have that struggled to move my fat @$$ around. Would not hesitate to purchase another one." - Joseph T.

"She's a beauty! Staff is great! I'll be back when I upgrade.......I have not had a chance to fully ride yet. In VT you have to have a motorcycle endorsement, my learners permit test is next Tuesday! I have ridden around the dead end neighborhood some and LOVE it!! Scootermadness staff (Dimitri) was great to talk too, very helpful. I put this together myself and I have never even so much as put a bicycle tire on before. My motorcycle mechanic nephew has done the once over and assured me I did a great job for doing it alone with nothing but the assembly video's!! Challenging, yes, but doable, just takes patience! All in all this has been a wonderful experience. I just can't wait to fully ride my Stella☺." - Martha K.


"My friends can’t believe the price! What a fantastic price I got! I get compliments on the scooter (which I named "General Tso" since its orange!) where ever I go. The engine break in process is a little lengthy, so be patient. Take that time to get to know your scooter and learn how it handles at low speed. You won't regret your purchase! I bought mine from www.scootermadness.com They are the best place to buy from!! " - Bob D.

"Best $700 I ever spent. To be honest i love the little thing and it has continued to surprise me up the hills here in San Francisco." - James S.

"Scooter Madness had the best price and availability." - Daniel B.


"Received my scooter more completely assembled than expected. Everyone loves it especially me. Thank you Scooter Madness." - Keith H.

"The bike came in perfect shape. Just wanted to let you know it was fun to put together and it worked out perfect on the test drive." - Kip R.

"Easy assembly, well packaged. If your like me your wondering how you can buy this moped for lees than a used one... I don't know how but it is true. arrived after about a week and a half. I put it together in about one hour. rides well no problems!!!" - David S.

"Awesome. It was easy to put it all together run great gets me around." - Karen B.

"This is a great scooter for the price. Shipping was fast. You have to put some of it together yourself, but it’s pretty easy overall….. It’s a good way to get to know your scooter better anyway. The website has a lot of info that came in handy. Overall, happy with my purchase. This scooter has some power and it’s fun to drive!" - Sam O.

"I bought three of these everything works great if you have any issues with assembly there are helpful videos online." - Dan L.

"Thank you!!! Everything has went smooth so far. I assembled the red one today and I'm going to assemble the black one at work Saturday." - Edward M.

"Just bought the scooter and got it assembled. Good customer service and instructions for putting it together!" - Edward E.

"Super simple and easy to assemble, if you like to do that sort of thing, which I do." - Bob D.

"Assembly takes a while (the tire is a lot harder to assemble than the instruction video lets on) but great scooter." - Staci B.

"Had no problems putting it together." - Marco A.


"I am quite pleased with my purchase, especially as it comes with a 6-month warranty. Haven’t had any problems with is so far and hope to not have any in the future, but it’s nice to know I’m covered with some things." - Wanda W.

"I love my new scooter! Scootermadness was great when I had an issue with one of my mirrors they helped me figure out the exact problem then sent me a new mirror right away! I would recommend Scootermadness to anyone." - Betty E.

"The shippers damaged a few pieces, but scooter madness replaced the parts right away." - Sam O.

"It was damaged in transit. Scooter Madness' Dimitri made sure the replacement part was shipped out immediately." - Steve P.


"Just wanted to say you guys are AWESOME, got a taotao thunder 50, bought it on tuesday it got to me on THURSDAY!! and that was with regular shipping,very happy with it so far." - Leo B.

"I have had my TaoTao for about 3 weeks now and I love it. Paper work came 1 week after I got the scooter. Name me another dealer that gets the paperwork out so fast......you can't!" - Peter S.

"Dimitri was very quick to respond to my inventory inquiry and expedited my order to provide quick shipment." - Dan B.


 Thank you once again...feel free to keep them coming :)