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SSR Pit Bikes have incredible options that offer something for everyone interested in riding a versatile motor bike. If you’re just starting out as a novice motor bike rider, the 70cc is a perfect choice for the beginner. For the intermediate rider, we have the 110cc motors; and for the advanced, try our 125cc or the 140cc motors. We even have expertly engineered SSR Pit Bikes with 160cc for pro-level riders.

Fast, durable, and reliable SSR Pit Bikes are small yet powerful. Get ready for an awesome ride on these miniature dirt bikes. People of all ages get a thrill from these little off road monsters! Pit bikes are mainly popular among teenagers and young adults. SSR Pit Bikes are similar to motor cross bikes, but they are much easier to handle especially for the novice rider. They are also much easier to maintain and the price is more affordable than other dirt bikes or super sport bikes. They are slick and stylish yet tough and hold up to the punishment of any track or back road.

All SSR Pit bikes come equipped with 4 stroke, single cylinder, and air cooled engines. The sturdy frames are made of steel, alloy reinforced frame or chrome. Most motor bikes come standard with four speed transmissions. Knobby tires on the SSR Pit Bikes offers better dirt traction. The SSR Motorsports 125cc pit bikes come in 13 different models with an assortment of specifications and colors. Most bikes are kick start with four manual gears. Unique and distinctive front and rear brakes utilize wavy disc technology. Powerful shock absorbers take in bumps and bangs minimizing the rider from being bounced around.

The ultimate sport of riding pit bikes is best performed at a dirt track racing facility. Production track bikes traverse the pits, berms, and mounds of earth with graceful ease. Their low center of gravity and short wheel base make the SSR Pit Bikes extremely maneuverable. SSR Pit Bikes easily manage steep downhill sections of the track without any difficultly. Riding this type of motor bike assures the rider of fat air every time.

These light weight bikes are easy on tight turns and are capable of getting big air. SSR Pit Bikes offers a full line and range of sizes and styles that will take on extreme obstacles and assure completion of laps at any track. Pit bikes are great for any member of the family, kids, teens and young adults and priced to fit the budget.