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How many mpg does a scooter get?

Posted by Dimitri on

Question: How many mpg does a scooter get?
Answer: Enough to love cheap scooters!

There are so many aspects of owning a scooter that are just plain awesome. Scooters are cheap to buy, cheap to maintain, cheap to fix, cheap to insure, and cheap to drive! What is there not to love about saving money?!? I mean, on top of scooters being so much fun and relaxing, you can free your mind and think about what/who else you're going to spend all that extra money on!

Even with gas prices finally coming back down to earth, imagine getting (and bragging about getting) 103 mpg! Read about the TaoTao ATM50-A1 and what one person is averaging in miles per gallon here. You can pretend to all your friends that it's all about saving the environment and the fossil fuels and blablabla, but really, we all know it's about saving another kind of green. I mean, look, it's great to have aspirations to want to help, but really, it's all relative, isn't it? If you really want to be a hero and save the world, get a bike or just walk. But where's the fun in that?? 

Life is short, live it up...and scooter on!